Our website is free for all to view and learn about Longwarry and District, however for you to post comments, stories and photos requires you to become a member,

This is purely so that we know who is publishing material on the website, and so that we can check back with you to verify facts, and what you wish to have done.

Please become a member as it assists us with contacting potential sponsors and also for grant applications to be able to quote a large membership.

There are two types of membership and both entitle you to publish material which is what we want you to do.

  1. Free membership there is no charge. You may publish family stories, photos and anecdotes of your memories of Longwarry, Labertouche, Longwarry North and Modella.
  2. Supporters Membership this cost is $10.00 per year from July 1st. to June 30th each year. This membership also entitles you to publish to the website. Your name will also be recognised on the website as a financial member. We have so much we want to do with video and audio on the website, as well as conserving and preserving photos and documents, all of which costs. We need your help to do these things and more.

Memberships can be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer or through any bank by using the following details.

Bank: Bendigo Bunyip Community Bank.
Account Name: Longwarry and District History Group Inc.
BSB: 633-000
Account No. 158619585

Make sure you put your name on the deposit information and contact us as well to let us know that you have become a Supporters Member.

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