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The Beginning of the Factory

Weekly Times  Sat 15 Oct 1921  Page 31


Longwarry dairymen have decided to form a local co-operative company to deal with district supplies of milk. The capital has been fixed at £3000, in 8000 shares of £1 each, payable 2/6 on application and 2/6 on allotment, the balance to be paid at the rate of 2/6 a share at periods not longer than three months. Already 1000 shares have been applied for. Messrs. Boxshall, Bain. Suelf, Crome; Lilley, Walters and Clifford have been appointed provisional directors.

And we would love to know more about this news item. We believe Longwarry East Football Club is now Athlone as we know the School at Athlone was once Longwarry South – East

West Gippsland Gazette  Tue 19 Sep 1905  Page 7


Lardner football team contested a match with Longwarry East at Lardner on 9th inst, the result being a win for Lardner by twelve points. This game was the play off of a match protested against by Longwarry about a month ago, and there is an. impression that Longwarry East intends again to protest. This is to be regretted as the clubs ought to be able to play a fair and friendly game. Lardner having won this match, the teams are now in the same relative position, as at the beginning of the competition. This singular condition of things shows that the teams are very even and it is also possible that the final matches may have to be postponed till next year.


And timber wasn’t the only industry in Longwarry in 1886

Warragul Guardian and Buln Buln and Narracan Shire Advocate (Warragul, Vic.: 1879 – 1894), Friday 24 December 1886, page 3

THE LONGWARRY BRICKWORKS.: At the invitation of the proprietor we paid a visit last Tuesday to the works of Mr. E. Witton at Longwarry. Being situated so close to the station the Railway Department have erected a siding, the only condition being that there is an output of 50,000 bricks per month, a fact that can be accomplished with ease by using the new machine that has been recently erected. This machine is very complicated to the looker on unacquainted with its use, but very expeditious in its work. The bricks generally are free from sand and impregnated greatly with quartz. This latter fact is considered by many builders an advantage as adding to the general stability of the article for rough use. The clay commences between 18 inches and 2ft. from the surface and extends to a depth of close on 50ft. During the two years the works have been in existence a great deal of work has been gone through, but with but little apparent diminution in the clay deposits. A contract for 50,000 bricks had just been completed and a contract was just being entered on for 250,000. If required, on pressure, 100,000 bricks can be turned out per week. The drying sheds are two in number, roofed with iron and shingles and 150ft. and 160ft. in length respectively. As a local industry, it is a credit to Longwarry South and an instance of what energy and perseverance call accomplish.

What was the breaking News 100 Years Ago in August 1918?

Gippsland Independent, Buln Buln, Warragul, Berwick, Poowong and Jeetho Shire Advocate

Thu 1 Aug 1918 Page 2


The Longwarry Brass Band Assembly held one of the most successful night’s dancing on Saturday July 27th. they have yet had, about100 couples being present and thanks to the good music of Miss Brazier (piano), Messrs. Baker (cornet) and J. Hoggan violin a most enjoyable time was spent. Visitors were present from Cora Lynn, Garfield, Yannathan and Drouin. All are looking forward to our next night on August 3rd. when a big crowd is coming.

Longwarry East

For the purpose of raising funds, for the Longwarry East Sewing Guild, a euchre party and dance were held in the Hall on Wednesday, July 24th, when there was a large number there, and the: evening proved very enjoyable and successful, the sum of £5 being cleared. The winners of the euchre were Miss B. Jones and Mr. G. Hutchison. The music for the dance was supplied by Miss Brazier. Refreshments were provided by the ladies with their usual generosity. A cake donated by members, was raffled, the winning ticket, No, 82, being, held by Mr. Bert Snell.

Longwarry East & Longwarry South (Ripplebrook)

Gippsland Independent, Buln Buln, Warragul, Berwick, Poowong and Jeetho Shire Advocate

Thu 15 Aug 1918 Page 2

Dance—The annual plain and fancy dress dance at Longwarry East, in aid of the Patriotic Funds, is to be held on Friday, 23rd inst, when prizes will be given for the best costumes.

FIRE.—On Tuesday evening the State School at Longwarry South had a narrow escape from being destroyed by fire. Mr. Murden, the teacher, had been to a neighbouring farm and was returning home when he noticed smoke issuing from the school. With all haste he went to ascertain the cause and found the floor in front of the fireplace on fire, and the flames scorching the walls. Had the discovery not then been made there would have been no hope of saving the building. There had been a fire in the fireplace and when the school closed it was extinguished, so the cause of the outbreak is a mystery.


A very pleasant evening was spent at the State School on Saturday last when a dance took place, the object being to assist the State School Patriotic Fund. There was a large gathering present, many persons coming from Longwarry and the surrounding districts. It is expected there will be a nice amount to add to the Patriotic Fund as a result. Splendid music (organ and violin) was contributed by Mrs. Middleton, Messrs. Rogers, Kydd, McLure and McAlpine. The duties of M.C. wore carried out by Mr. W. McDonald, and the ladies provided refreshments.


Gippsland Independent, Buln Buln, Warragul, Berwick, Poowong and Jeetho Shire Advocate

Thu 22nd Aug 1918 Page 2


Drouin met Longwarry on the latters ground on Saturday, Aug. 17th. both teams being well represented a most interesting game was witnessed by a fair number of people. At half time Drouin were leading by 2 points; the scores were — Longwarry 5 goals 6 behinds; Drouin 3 goals 10 behinds. On the day Drouin were unlucky to lose as they played to their men much better than Longwarry. One of the features of the game was the long distance kicking of Bristow, who bagged 2 goals. Best players for Longwarry — Bristow, McDonald, Doherty, McAlpine, Bruton, McRae, Ralph and Doherty.  For Drouin — Cuthbertson (2), Tritschler, Kelleher and Boon.

(They never were happy being beaten by Longwarry. How can you be unlucky and better at playing to your men and still lose? Editor’s Note)


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